Real Ear Measurement Hearing Aid Technology

Have you ever wondered if your hearing aids are performing at their best? Can a new aid really be tailored just for you?

These are the questions we get asked daily, and as your trusted hearing specialist in Ozaukee and Waukesha counties, we are here to answer them.

REM technology

Introducing Real Ear Measurement. What exactly is Real Ear Measurement, or REM? REM measures exactly what is being amplified by placing a tiny microphone between the hearing aid and your eardrum.   Since your ear is unlike anyone else’s, this tool enables us to ensure the hearing aid is specifically fit to your ear, and yours alone. The size and shape of each person’s ear canal affects the amplified sound. By measuring the space between the aid and eardrum, the emphasis of our scope of practice is in your hands, or ears, in this case. It is important that a hearing aid meets your specific needs, and this technology allows our audiologists to find the perfect fit for your ear.Real Ear Measurement

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