From their “Harts” to your ears…

Hart Hearing Care Centers is proud to provide complete hearing loss services including testing and evaluation, tinnitus treatment, ear wax removal and hearing aids to the greater New Berlin, Mequon and Delafield areas.  Take a look at some of our local success stories, and contact our team of hearing care and hearing aid specialists today!


“I just love the friendliness of the office and how efficient everyone is. I never thought I would need hearing aids and now I would be lost without them. I have grandchildren and I want to hear every laughter and cry. I just love this place and have already recommended it to others. I love Lisa and her staff is very helpful with cleaning and helping take care of my hearing aids. I have never had to wait long in the office.”

-Jan Larson – Delafield, WI

“Everyone is very kind, gracious and helpful. My right hearing aid kept falling out and they were able to fix it and now it works perfectly. We’ve had nothing but success with Hart Hearing. Lisa has been very helpful and wonderful. Howard is very nice and runs the business efficiently.”

– Roz and Steve Silber – New Berlin, WI

“The employees that work there are great to work with. They will sit there and listen to any problems you are having, they won’t rush you.”

-Scott Thornton – New Berlin, WI

“Fair, honest and good reputation. Nice place and good locations.”

-Fred Witty – New Berlin, WI

“Much more happier with my new hearing aids. Recommend Hart to friends. The staff is very helpful.”

-Edward Klotzbuecher – New Berlin, WI

“Hart Hearing has been a real blessing in my life. I am very active and social in my retirement, taking classes and socializing with friends. It was getting hard to hear and I felt myself starting to withdraw a bit. Also, my grandkids were getting frustrated, which pushed me over the line. Hart Hearing helped me get back to a quality of hearing that made life good again!”

-Alice Keane – New Berlin, WI

“I am very happy with the service and impressed with the professionalism and the techniques. The additional services that are offered, such as the cleanings, ear wax removal, extra supplies and assisting with needs make them unique! After being introduced to the Oticon hearing aids – things dramatically changed for the better and they are very easy to use. I highly recommend Hart Hearing Care to others and already have. I am so impressed with the professionalism and couldn’t be happier!”

-Lee Feiereisen – Mequon, WI

“Hart Hearing changed my life with my new abilities in ways I did not imagine. They have rejuvenated my interests and interactions with co-workers, friends, and family. I simply didn’t know what I was missing. It’s added years to my career and increased my overall efficiency and effectiveness. Like eyeglasses for my ears! My only regret is that I didn’t get them sooner.”

-Peter L- New Berlin, WI

As a Musician, these hearing instruments have brought back what I used to hear when I was younger. It’s bringing back the true tone of the instruments. I am better musically because of them!”

Grant K – Delafield, WI

“I have had hearing aids before that I thought were very high grade. Still, I wasn’t hearing in church, my wife, my family and playing cards. Now, with my new hearing aids…it’s a new world! My wife agrees! Things are better all around. I receive such great service here and am very happy we came to Hart Hearing Care.”

Steve Silber – Muskego, WI

“I have been wearing Hearing Instruments since 1996. I first started with Starkey Hearing Instruments. Then, in 2005, I started wearing ReSound Hearing Instruments. I have been very pleased with the service and level of technology. In the summer of 2014, I fell in the lake with my Hearing Instruments on. I was sure my aids were not working. But they were!! They were still working! Now, I have NEW ReSound Hearing aids. I am very happy with Hart Hearing Care and Lisa Hart. She worked very hard to not only fit me to my hearing aids, but also with my financial needs. Thank you Lisa, and ReSound. I will stay with you for the rest of my life!”

Connie Hintz – Muskego, WI

” I can hear so much clearer than before! My new Hearing Aids are wonderful…especially in noise! Thank you, Lisa!”

David G – Waukesha, WI