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Free Screening

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Brookfield AND Glendale Locations are now under the ownership of Hart Hearing Care Centers, Inc

Effective, October 23, 2015 The Hearing Professionals Brookfield AND Glendale Locations are now under the ownership of Hart Hearing Care Centers, Inc. All  patients are welcome to come to either the New Berlin or Glendale office. Please call 262-782-3400 or 414-332-3377.  

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Discreet Hearing Aids

New Berlin & Mequon Hearing Aid Specialists New discreet hearing aids from ReSound allow you to live your active and busy life without letting anyone know you suffer from hearing loss. With the ReSound LiNX² you can adjust your hearing instruments using your smart phone, making them virtually undetectable to most. See how Rachael reacts to having [...]

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New Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus, is a persistent ringing, chirping or buzzing sound that occurs inside the ear. Most of us have experienced it at one time or another, but for many people that sound is persistent and bothersome interfering with daily life making it difficult to concentrate, distinguish real sounds, and even sleep peacefully. While there is a [...]

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Are you earning less because of hearing loss?

This subject of earning less because of hearing loss is a growing concern and focus of mine for quite some time now and I felt the need to share some new statistics regarding this. Please note that there is help for those struggling in their current career positions and that a qualified hearing care professional can help you [...]

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Introducing ReSound LiNX

Hearing Aid Specialists in Mequon & New Berlin Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound set the new hearing aid standard for sound quality and ease of use. Experienced wearers will notice the difference right away. New users will enjoy hearing the way nature intended. Watch this video to learn more about ReSound LiNX².  Click to read about [...]

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Studies link Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing loss is very common as people age. This loss can affect how we interact with friends, family, and even simple tasks as we go about our daily lives.  A leading researcher locally at Johns Hopkins Medical Center has studied the connection between hearing loss and dementia. “The general perception is that hearing loss is [...]

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Nanopores Control the Inner Ear’s Ability to Select Sounds

Inner-ear membrane uses tiny pores to mechanically separate sounds, researchers find. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Even in a crowded room full of background noise, the human ear is remarkably adept at tuning in to a single voice — a feat that has proved remarkably difficult for computers to match. A new analysis of the underlying mechanisms, [...]

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Website Launched for Program that Helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students Earn Graduate Degrees

Rochester Bridges to the Doctorate program has students in RIT/NTID and UR programs. A website is now available detailing the partnership between Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester that helps deaf and hard-of-hearing students pursue graduate degrees in science programs. The Rochester Bridges to the Doctorate Program, established this year with a [...]

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New Meniere’s disease study sheds light on this rare condition

In the most comprehensive Meniere's Disease study to date, researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School in England have been able to suggest what goes wrong in the body when people develop the disease, and provide an insight into factors that lead to its development. Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear [...]

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