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Oticon Opn™ Hearing Aid Technology

For years, Hart Hearing Care Centers have been proud to deliver the best brands, styles and and technology when it comes to hearing aid options in the Waukesha and Ozaukee county areas. We are very excited to share the groundbreaking Oticon Opn™ with our patients, which uses BrainHearing™ technology to balance and adjust sound around you – even in complex environments. Using a revolutionary chip, the Oticon Opn™ increases speech understanding and conversation recall.

Scientific research proves Oticon Opn™:

  •  Reduces listening effort by 20%
  •  Helps you to remember 20% more of your conversations
  •  Helps your understand speech 30% better

Our team of audiologists and hearing instrument dispensers work with you individually to assure we find the right hearing aid option for your specific needs.  From our 3 locations in Mequon, Delafield and New Berlin, we conveniently serve the Grafton, Cedarburg, Brookfield and Thinesville areas.  Contact us today to talk more about Oticon Opn™ technology and to see if this could be a good fit for providing a more natural hearing experience for you or your loved ones.